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Welding - KMA Shot Blasting

KMA Shot Blasting Limited as a complete service provider in metal fabrications use various types of welding for the different substrates being fabricated. Methods used in our Dorset workshops include Mig welding, Tig welding, spot welding, Arc/stick welding, Tig brazing, gas welding/brazing. These services being only a few of our integral activities.

Mig Welding

Mig welding being the most commonly used method of welding at KMA Shot Blasting Limited. Ease of manufacture in mild steel fabrication a shielding inert gas is used to prevent air impurities from causing porosity in the weld whilst the wire fed gun produces a hot molten metal which can be weaved to produce a uniform weld.

Tig Weldings

Tig Welding being the second most commonly used method of welding at KMA Shot Blasting Limited ideal for welding small mild steel components or stainless steel, and aluminium on a larger scale. Using either AC or DC electrical current the welding torch uses a tungston tip to generate enough heat to melt the rod to the substrate the molten metal can be layered to produce a uniform weld.
Tig Brazing

Using the same method as Tig welding, copper can be brazed to galvanise with the correct copper rod being applied. Commonly used on drain pans in the ventilation industry.

Arc/Stick Welding

Commonly used on medium to heavy steel structures, ideal for site work which we are fully insured for. Using an inverter powered by electricity to generate the heat required when striking an arc on the electrodes used the molten metal to steel structures, bars, and steel plates of various thicknesses.

Spot Welding

Commonly used on thin sheet metal the metal is squeezed between two copper tips electricity produces enough heat to melt the substrates together spot welding 3mm to 8mm diameter spot welds. At KMA Shot Blasting Limited Sheet Metal shop this process is used on mild steel, stainless steel, zintec, and galvanised sheet metal on many product applications.

Gas Welding/Brazing

Gas Welding is the least used method of welding in our Dorset workshops a combination of oxygen and acetylene is used to produce a requisite heat to melt the metal pieces which require welding together.

Skilled Craftsmen

We have a team of experienced and professional welders with a wide variety of knowledge in all of the above types of welding. Welding is an art form and we can be as creative with a project as you the client requires meeting your needs. Our welders have a passion for artistry and creativity we can cut, bend, shape and mould metal to various shapes for welding, whilst also using the latest technology in plasma cutting and laser cutting through networking with other local companies to create the ultimate finished product to your satisfaction.

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