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KMA Fabricators Dorset

Our metal fabrication business is dedicated to customized jobs. Our sheet metal fabrication business located in Sturminster Marshall near Wimborne, Dorset undertakes jobs in fabricating railings, architectural metal, ornamental metal, furniture, fixtures, gates and all sheet metal fabrication. We are equipped with the latest sheet metal fabrication tools, latest welding machines, and plasma cutting table.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication and metal fabrication is an industrial process of making metallic structures through bending, cutting, and assembling of metal sheet or structural steel. Flux, fasteners, and welding wires are the structural components used extensively by us in fabrication. Sheet metal fabrication and metal fabrication processes at KMA Shot Blasting Limited include stick wielding, dial shield, MIG (metal inert gas), and TIG (tungsten inert gas). CNC (computer numerical controlled) plasma cutting, water jet processing, and mild steel melting.

Metal Fabrication

We at KMA Shot Blasting Limited utilize the best processes for being a completely integrated fabrication, blasting and powder coating & painting establishment. We cater to every kind of fabrication job and are confident about our processes and expertise. Metal fabrication jobs completed by us are among the best in Hampshire and Dorset and affordable too. We are thorough in using each of these fabrication methods to ensure metallic products that look superior and last longer.

Welding Stainless Steel

Components made by us through fabrications are innumerable and includes every imaginable product. Railings, grills, poles, metallic furniture, pipes, tubes, and fixtures are among the several fabricated items manufactured by us. Fabrication of metal sheet is our specialised service which is the key to our innumerable creations. We are adept of fabricating any item to be used for ornamental or constructional purposes. At KMA Shot Blasting Limited, we fabricate furniture like racks, vaults, and chairs and welding stainless steel. Different gauges of metal sheets are used for making furniture. In Hampshire and Dorset we are among the leading fabricators of office, schools and domestic furniture.

Steel Fabricators

Sheet metal fabrication at KMA Shot Blasting Limited is done by a numerous mechanical processes such as bending, cutting, plasma cutting, bumping, drilling, grinding, forming, lathe, shearing, rolling, cladding, notching, welding, powder coating, and polishing. Each of these metal fabricating processes is done by dedicated machines and highly qualified and experienced staff. We at KMA Shot Blasting Limited have a complete set up of all these metal fabricating machineries to offer one-stop solution in Hampshire and Dorset. We undertake these steel metal fabrication jobs comprehensively or in independent sets as per your needs. Current metal fabrication generation machineries operated by qualified and experienced mechanics enable us to undertake even the toughest metal fabricating jobs in and around Hampshire and Dorset. Our commitment to service and sincere approach has helped us to emerge as a leading metal fabricator in Poole and Bournemouth.

Light & Heavy Fabrications

At KMA Shot Blasting Limited we have a spacious light fabrication bays with the flexibility to expand to as and when require. All our bays are staffed by our highly skilled and experienced employees each equipped with their own MIG and TIG sets. We have manufactured a whole host of fabrications these ranging from a simple domestic fabrication to heavy industrial plant equipment, bespoke railing and staircases, specialised enclosures and barriers, notice boards and video conferencing equipment just to mention a few. KMA Shot Blasting Limited has completed fabrications for various building industry, various international companies and many domestic clients. We can fabricate your requirements using a whole host of materials. With the ability to laser, water jet or guillotine cut any material in house and with us having our own forming department equipped with a vast range of highly sophisticated equipment’s gives us the ability to provide our customers maximum flexibility and cost-effective productivity.

KMA Shot Blasting Limited has been involved in many prototype projects and with our flexibility and equipment we hope you can see why. We are happy to produce any batch size confident that every product from 1 to 10000 has been made to the same high levels of quality and finish. We pride ourselves with a reputation for quality, service and integrity. Our friendly, technical and experienced staff can if needed provide you a product solution that could improve your design and cut your costs.

Experienced Fabrication Team

We are a British fabricator come manufacturer who takes pride in the quality of our products, using the latest fabrication technology to produce precision fabricated components. We design, fabricate manufacture and assemble our products on site; our manufacturing team has extensive experience. This experience combined with a flexibility of mind and approach means that we are willing and able to take on the toughest of projects.

Engineering Documentation

Whilst the fabrication is being done, our design team put their mind to developing the other outputs for the client should you require this, they will produce detailed user manuals, maintenance manuals, specification sheets, general arrangement engineering drawings and other key documents that the client will possibly need to accompany their product.

Design and Manufacturing Services

At KMA Shot Blasting Limited we have highly skilled, multi-disciplinary work force that are able to take any project from concept to reality. Our in-house design engineering staff can design and visualise concepts using sketches and computer renderings then working closely with the client, use our knowledge and experience to develop the project until the desired product is ready for manufacture. Using the latest CAD software we are able to reduce the cost of development, whilst maintaining accuracy and quality.

Design Generation

We work closely with our clients to outline a detailed product specification. At KMA we gather all information in a clear specification document. When this has been obtained the project will enter the initial concept phase. Using a diverse range of idea generation techniques our design team will produce a wide range of concepts. We communicate our concepts to the client using sketches, sketch renderings and basic quick CAD models. Our ability to produce these quick sketches and CAD models allows us to liaise efficiently with our clients during this highly interactive process.

Design for Manufacture

At KMA Shot Blasting Limited our team has the latest engineering technique combined with our expertise and knowledge to ensure that each part is fabricated and manufactured accurately. We use state of the art techniques that allows the manufacturing team to fabricate any parts to ensure speed, accuracy and repeatability. Designing an innovative product is one thing, but ensuring that it will be efficient and cost effective to manufacture is another and this is where we specialise to make a difference.


Manufacturing a prototype allows us and our clients to get hands on with the product; it enables us to spot any ergonomic and physical issues that may have been difficult to locate on a digital model. We can then go back to our pre- model and solve any issues we may have found and fine tune it for full scale manufacture. We can manufacture both full size and scaled prototypes for our clients. We can also offer reverse design where we are given a product which we reproduce so that the client can have drawings produced if they desire.

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