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KMA Shot Blasting

KMA Shot Blasting, a well-established company since 1st August 1972 with factories & facilities located in Sturminster Marshall, Wimborne, Dorset. Combining the latest techniques, equipment and products with excellent experience we can offer solutions to all aspects of fabrication, blasting, powder coating to product finishing.
KMA Shot Blasting staff have considerable experience in the works and operations undertaken by the company and have established a very good reputation for service and quality. The overall intent of KMA Shot Blasting philosophy is to create a strong relationship with our customers, professional teams and our supply chain, which is based on trust and co-operation and represents a genuine partnership.

Our key services include Fabrication, Blasting, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Powder Coating. Our expert staff and partners are available to ensure that your project is full specified and planned with the right people, equipment and materials to deliver the results you require.

Our Directors

KMA Shot Blasting is owned and operated by leaders who have a clear vision for the future.
In less than 2 years they have grown the company to become a major player in the steel fabrication blasting and powder coating industry.
Our core Values includes Consistency, Cost, Lead Time, Quality and Customer Satisfaction.

Stephen Pudwell

Nigel Bacon

Our Services

Quality Work by Quality People.



Our metal fabrication business is dedicated to customized jobs. Our sheet metal fabrication business located in Sturminster Marshall nr Wimborne, Dorset undertakes jobs in fabricating railings,...



KMA Shot Blasting carry out pre-treatment of metallic surfaces such as gates, railings, motor components, bicycle frames, motorcycle frames, metal furniture and any other...


Powder Coating

At KMA Shot Blasting we offer all powder coating services. Powder coating is essentially a coating type applied in the form of free flowing powder particularly on metal surfaces...



KMA Shot Blasting as a complete service provider in metal fabrications use various types of welding for the different substrates being fabricated. Methods used in our...

Our Industries

KMA Shot Blasting delivers exceptional services across a whole range of the Construction , Domestic & Commercial industry sector by supplying a proffessional service delivered by committed employees, This is our mainstream work activity and it forms a substantial part of our turnover, Many projects in building services, construction, restoration , local counsils, component engineering welding and petroleum industries, Some being unique services which therefore Tonant supply the required specialist service to you the customer.

Commercial Industry

We have a reputation for meeting and exceeding customer expectations. As a part of Tonant we also endeavour to fully satisfy client demands on health and safety and...

Construction Industry

KMA Shot Blasting delivers exceptional services across the Construction industry sector by supplying a professional service delivered by committed employees...

Domestic Industry

KMA Shot Blasting can offer a range of services for the Domestic market. Working in the domestic fabrication, blasting and powder coating business ...

Core Values

Our Team


Welder and Steel Fabricator Insurance

Welding and Steel Fabrication is a highly skilled trade that requires very exacting levels of insurance cover. At Tonant we understand the subtle nature of differences in the machinery used and the products made by various types of Steel Worker. A Welding Contractor, who spends the majority of his time on site, working as a subcontractor, needs different cover to a Welder that operates out of a workshop, where he may also have a large amount of tools and machinery, similar in levels to that of a Steel Fabricator which needs to be covered.


At KMA Shot Blasting we are committed to our customers and to carry out work to the highest standards.

The satisfactions of our customers are vital and we will offer an unrivalled level of customer care. We are committed to not only maintaining our standards but also continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. We recognize that our employees are the biggest assets and we will endeavour to develop all levels of employees and to operate our procedures to the recognized standard of 'Investors in People'. We will reward people on the basis of contribution and effort.


KMA Shot Blasting - Specialities

Gate Fences
Shop Fittings
Art Fabrication
Fascias and soffits

Gate Fences

Gates, Railings and Handrails

Tonant Fabrications Limited has created a very good reputation in and around Hampshire & Dorset especially for Gates, Railings and Handrails. Our products are unique and crafted to meet the requirement of our customers in Poole and Bournemouth. At Tonant Fabrications Limited we offer a range of metal substrates, stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium. We can provide the gates, railings and handrails with finishing options, as in the products can be powder coated in a choice of colours to suit your requirements or satin and polished stainless steel finishes. We also offer stand-alone galvanised finish.

Metal Railings

At Tonant Fabrications Limited we create railings which are designed for use on any property perimeter, balconies or stairways. Panel sections for railings are available in a variety of styles, patterns and sizes. Installation is fast and efficient, a modular design can keep panel replacement simple. Tonant Fabrications Limited railings are manufactured to be both functional and decorative, harmonizing visually with any environment.


Tonant Fabrications Limited have a range of options for handrails in mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium but can accommodate any design you require. We also offer a range of finishing options, the handrails can be powder coated in a zinc primer coat and a top coat in the colour of your choice or satin or polished stainless steel finishes. We also offer stand-alone galvanised finish.

Special Window Security Bars

Tonant Fabrications Limited can also provide window railings, security bars which are sturdy and well built, fitting aesthetically into modern architecture and functioning well in security applications.

Garden Accessories

At Tonant Fabrications Limited we fabricate with all types of metals for whatever project or design you may desire. We also specialise in fire pit grills to hold wood or to cook on. Custom sizes and shapes can be made to suit your needs and dimensions. If what you require is not mentioned or you have a particular concept you wish to discuss please contact us for further information at sales@tonant.co.uk One of our sales team will contact you at our best convenience.


Shop Fittings

Tonant Fabrications Limited can offer a range of shop fittings solutions such as racks, trays, gates and accessories made out of stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium. We can provide a complete solution with finishing options and can be powder coated in a choice of colours to suit your requirements.

We fabricate and sell furniture and enjoy experimenting with various steel types and combine these with timber and glass.

For a free professional local shop fitting fabrication estimate give us a call on 01258 857505 covering Hampshire and Dorset including Poole, Bournemouth, Blandford Forum, Dorchester, Ferndown, Ringwood, Shaftesbury, Swanage, and Weymouth

If what you require is not mentioned, please contact our offices at sales@tonant.co.uk




At Tonant Fabrications Limited we specialise in various Balustrades. All our balustrades are custom made as per client’s specifications and drawings. We are able to fabricate in various materials of your choice either mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium. We can also provide guidance on design.

Glass Balustrades

Welcome to Tonant Fabrications range of Glass Balustrade. We offer a variety of services from fabrication, supply and installation package.

Why Tonant’s Glass Balustrade?
  1. Easy to fit
  2. Minimal posts required
  3. Super strong and tested system
  4. The most proven track record
  5. Other options are available
  6. Very reasonably priced
Glass Types

Glass balustrades can be supplied with a choice of different tints.
  1. Clear
  2. Opaque
  3. Grey bronze
  4. Blue

Toughened/ Heat soaked to British Standard requirements

Structural Glass Balustrades

When glass of a balustrade is not just used as an infill panel but is also used as the actual structure of the balustrade it is often referred to as a structural glass balustrade. It also sometimes referred to as a frameless glass balustrade or a cantilevered glass balustrade. The basic idea is simple and the same throughout all types of structural glass balustrades and is based on two engineering principles; a strong base that can clamp the glass panel with thick and strong glass panels that can resist the bending moments and loads imposed on it.

Balcony Glass

Our glass balcony combines the strength of the handrail, glass and when needed posts, it is unique in nature and no other system on the market works in this fashion, and as such it allows different options than the other systems.

Glass/Steel Juliet Balcony

At Tonant Fabrications Limited we specialise in Juliet Balcony. We measure, supply, fabricate and install at your premises.

Why Tonant - Juliet Balcony?
  1. Easy to Fit
  2. Unobtrusive
  3. Suitable for corrosive locations (in stainless steel)
  4. Building regulations compliant
  5. Load tests and structural calculations
Railing Colour Options

Available in powder coated colours of your choice, satin or polished stainless steel.


Art Fabrication

At Tonant Fabrications Limited we believe that producing a great sculpture or artistic object requires a balanced combination of modern technologies - machinery and techniques as well as good old-fashioned craftsmanship. Producing artwork and sculpture requires more than just fabrication or manufacturing and 'scaling up' - it requires an understanding and sympathetic approach.

With this in mind our main aim is to understand the artist's original idea, concept and vision. By understanding and maintaining the essence and spirit of the original concept, as well as the fine detail, what we will produce is a piece of art or sculpture that authentically captures and conveys the artists vision exactly - without compromise.

Stair Cases

We have fabricated several staircases both internal and external and either straight, curved or spiral. These have been made with stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium. We are able to fabricate the complete staircase with combination of materials including steel, aluminium or glass.


Fascias and soffits

Development on Sandbanks peninsula



Gates in Lilliput Poole



Cauldron Barn Swanage



KMA Shot Blasting

KMA Shot Blasting – Facilities
We specialise in light to medium, mild steel fabrications of all types. Various Powder coating techniques to meet your needs. Product Development and Fabrication from infancy to completion
A wide range of in house blasting are carried out. Aluminium Fascia’s and Soffits with more flexibility in aluminium.
Bespoke work
We specialise in bespoke works to meet you requirements. You give us your imagination and we transform your imagination into a reality product.
Assembly and fitting facilities
All types of assembly and fitting services can be tailored to meet your requirements.

KMA Shot Blasting - Review

Tonant -Fabrication Review



Tonant -Fabrication Review


Recent Projects

Need help?

We can help you with that. Select a service to get started


Commercial Industry

KMA Shot Blasting delivers exceptional services across a whole range of the commercial industry sector by supplying a professional service delivered by committed employees. This is our mainstream work activity and it forms a substantial part of our turnover. Many projects in building services, construction, restoration, local councils, component engineering welding and petroleum industry. Some being unique services which thereforeTonant supply the required specialist service to you the customer.

We have a reputation for meeting and exceeding customer expectations. As a part of Tonant we also endeavour to fully satisfy client demands on health and safety and environmental issues.

KMA Shot Blasting have a wealth of experience in providing specialist services and skills to meet your expectations be it bespoke fabrication, welding, restoration, blasting and powder coating. We have a large team of highly skilled workers and artists who work on projects of any size both restoration and new prototype fabrication.

We manufacture products using modern techniques and materials with more durable finishes, to produce an aesthetically pleasing finish to new build projects. We also have the knowledge to apply to heritage buildings, offeringinnovative and thoughtful solutions especially when it comes to refurbishing cast iron gutters, hoppers, down pipes or other metal work restoration.

Our project team offers a complete service for specialist projects including:

  • Project Management
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Specialist Shot Blasting and Powder Coating
  • Specialist Steel Fabrication and Installation

Restorative work is very important to maintain the structural integrity and historical features of a building. Our work is completed to impeccable standards, sensitively to ensure the work is in keeping with a building's unique heritage


Construction Industry

KMA Shot Blasting delivers exceptional services across the Construction industry sector by supplying a professional service delivered by committed employees.

In addition our workforce is fully trained in all appropriate skills. Consequently our customers, can rely on our professionalism. This is why we are able to complete projects and can take on sensitive contracts. Our core work being Powder Coated Aluminium fascia’s Soffit’s, Capping’s, Gates and Railing’s.

Working in the commercial fabrication, blasting and powder coating business we offer a full range of solutions for the construction industry

  • Restorations
  • Steel Staircases
  • Metal Railings
  • Steel Balustrades
  • Handrails
  • Canopies
  • Metal Gates
  • Balconies
  • Security Grilles

Don't let time constraints, lack of skills, or knowing who to call slow you down. Tonant is the perfect choice for last minute, small to mid-size problem solving when it comes to metal fabrications and finishing. Whether it be in stainless steel ormild steel fabrication.

Whether your project requires fabrication, blasting and surface preparation or other building restoration Tonant has the experience to get your job done fast, done right, and at the very best price.

Let Tonant give you a free consultation and give you an insight of our capabilities, together with the best price possible to achieve the quality end product you desire.


Domestic Industry

KMA Shot Blasting can offer a range of services for the Domestic market. Working in the domestic fabrication, blasting and powder coating business we offer a full range of cutting edge solutions to meet everyone’s individual needs.

Some of the services we offer for our domestic clients are listed below:

  • Gates ( Stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium)
  • Metal Handrails
  • Metal Railings
  • Balcony Rails and balustrades
  • Window/Security Bars
  • Garden Accessories
  • Household Furnishings
  • Vehicle components
  • Garden furnishings & fitments

Tonant can provide the products with finishing optionssuch as powder coated in a choice of colours to suit your requirements, natural polished or brushed stainless steel, or standalone galvanize.

Tonant can create railings which are designed for use on balconies or stairs, to the production of fire escape stair cases. Panel sections of railings can be made available in a variety of styles, patterns and sizes.Tonant havea range of options for handrails, but can accommodate any design you require. Our range of options are mild steel, aluminium or stainless steel.

Installation is fast and efficient, and the modular design keeps panel replacement simple.

Tonant can provide window railings security bars which are sturdy and well built, fitting aesthetically into modern architecture and functioning well in security applications.

Tonant fabricate with all types of metals for whatever project or design you may need. We also carry out work for refurbishment of garden accessoriesand furniture, vehicle components, household radiators, wood burning stoves

If what you require is not mentioned, please contact us for further information.


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Managing Director’s

Nigel Bacon & Stephen Pudwell


Tonant Fabricators Dorset

Our metal fabrication business is dedicated to customized jobs. Our sheet metal fabrication business located in Sturminster Marshall nr Wimborne, Dorset undertakes jobs in fabricating railings, architectural metal, ornamental metal, furniture, fixtures, gates and all sheet metal fabrication. We are equipped with the latest sheet metal fabrication tools, latest welding machines, and plasma cutting table.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication and metal fabrication is an industrial process of making metallic structures through bending, cutting, and assembling of metal sheet or structural steel. Flux, fasteners, and welding wires are the structural components used extensively by us in fabrication. Sheet metal fabrication and metal fabrication processes at KMA Shot Blasting include stick wielding, dial shield, MIG (metal inert gas), and TIG (tungsten inert gas). CNC (computer numerical controlled) plasma cutting, water jet processing, and mild steel melting.

Metal Fabrication

We at KMA Shot Blasting utilize the best processes for being a completely integrated fabrication, blasting and powder coating & painting establishment. We cater to every kind of fabrication job and are confident about our processes and expertise. Metal fabrication jobs completed by us are among the best in Hampshire and Dorset and affordable too. We are thorough in using each of these fabrication methods to ensure metallic products that look superior and last longer.

Welding Stainless Steel

Components made by us through fabrications are innumerable and includes every imaginable product. Railings, grills, poles, metallic furniture, pipes, tubes, and fixtures are among the several fabricated items manufactured by us. Fabrication of metal sheet is our specialised service which is the key to our innumerable creations. We are adept of fabricating any item to be used for ornamental or constructional purposes.

At KMA Shot Blasting, we fabricate furniture like racks, vaults, and chairs and welding stainless steel. Different gauges of metal sheets are used for making furniture. In Hampshire and Dorset we are among the leading fabricators of office, schools and domestic furniture.

Steel Fabricators

Sheet metal fabrication at KMA Shot Blasting is done by a numerous mechanical processes such as bending, cutting, plasma cutting, bumping, drilling, grinding, forming, lathe, shearing, rolling, cladding, notching, welding, powder coating, and polishing. Each of these metal fabricating processes is done by dedicated machines and highly qualified and experienced staff. We at KMA Shot Blasting have a complete set up of all these metal fabricating machineries to offer one-stop solution in Hampshire and Dorset

We undertake these steel metal fabrication jobs comprehensively or in independent sets as per your needs. Current metal fabrication generation machineries operated by qualified and experienced mechanics enable us to undertake even the toughest metal fabricating jobs in and around Hampshire and Dorset. Our commitment to service and sincere approach has helped us to emerge as a leading metal fabricator in Poole and Bournemouth.

Light & Heavy Fabrications

At KMA Shot Blasting we have a spacious light fabrication bays with the flexibility to expand to as and when require. All our bays are staffed by our highly skilled and experienced employees each equipped with their own MIG and TIG sets. We have manufactured a whole host of fabrications these ranging from a simple domestic fabrication to heavy industrial plant equipment, bespoke railing and staircases, specialised enclosures and barriers, notice boards and video conferencing equipment just to mention a few. KMA Shot Blasting has completed fabrications for various building industry, various international companies and many domestic clients.

We can fabricate your requirements using a whole host of materials. With the ability to laser, water jet or guillotine cut any material in house and with us having our own forming department equipped with a vast range of highly sophisticated equipment’s gives us the ability to provide our customers maximum flexibility and cost-effective productivity.

KMA Shot Blasting has been involved in many prototype projects and with our flexibility and equipment we hope you can see why. We are happy to produce any batch size confident that every product from 1 to 10000 has been made to the same high levels of quality and finish.

We pride ourselves with a reputation for quality, service and integrity. Our friendly, technical and experienced staff can if needed provide you a product solution that could improve your design and cut your costs.

Experienced Fabrication Team

We are a British fabricator come manufacturer who takes pride in the quality of our products, using the latest fabrication technology to produce precision fabricated components. We design, fabricate manufacture and assemble our products on site; our manufacturing team has extensive experience. This experience combined with a flexibility of mind and approach means that we are willing and able to take on the toughest of projects.

Engineering Documentation

Whilst the fabrication is being done, our design team put their mind to developing the other outputs for the client should you require this, they will produce detailed user manuals, maintenance manuals, specification sheets, general arrangement engineering drawings and other key documents that the client will possibly need to accompany their product.

Design and Manufacturing Services

At KMA Shot Blasting we have highly skilled, multi-disciplinary work force that are able to take any project from concept to reality. Our in-house design engineering staff can design and visualise concepts using sketches and computer renderings then working closely with the client, use our knowledge and experience to develop the project until the desired product is ready for manufacture. Using the latest CAD software we are able to reduce the cost of development, whilst maintaining accuracy and quality.

Design Generation

We work closely with our clients to outline a detailed product specification. At Tonant we gather all information in a clear specification document. When this has been obtained the project will enter the initial concept phase. Using a diverse range of idea generation techniques our design team will produce a wide range of concepts. We communicate our concepts to the client using sketches, sketch renderings and basic quick CAD models. Our ability to produce these quick sketches and CAD models allows us to liaise efficiently with our clients during this highly interactive process.

Design for Manufacture

At KMA Shot Blasting our team has the latest engineering technique combined with our expertise and knowledge to ensure that each part is fabricated and manufactured accurately. We use state of the art techniques that allows the manufacturing team to fabricate any parts to ensure speed, accuracy and repeatability. Designing an innovative product is one thing, but ensuring that it will be efficient and cost effective to manufacture is another and this is where we specialise to make a difference.


Manufacturing a prototype allows us and our clients to get hands on with the product; it enables us to spot any ergonomic and physical issues that may have been difficult to locate on a digital model. We can then go back to our pre- model and solve any issues we may have found and fine tune it for full scale manufacture. We can manufacture both full size and scaled prototypes for our clients. We can also offer reverse design where we are given a product which we reproduce so that the client can have drawings produced if they desire.



KMA Shot Blasting carry out pre-treatment of metallic surfaces such as gates, railings, motor components, bicycle frames, motorcycle frames, metal furniture and any other metallic surfaces the list is not exhaustive.

Pre-treatment of metallic surfaces is done meticulously as it is the first step to powder coating.

It is essential to have your substrate blasted prepared correctly before the powder coat is applied.

  1. Shot Blasting Motorcycle
  2. Shot Blasted Motorcycle

Shot Blasting

Without perfect pre-treatment or shot blasting, powder coating never stays for sufficient time and the entire expenses is wasted. As we are specialized powder coaters in Poole, Bournemouth, Dorset we are very particular about this pre-treatment process.

Proper shot blasting would ensure removal of rust, previous paint coatings, and mill scale to make the metal surface completely bare. Powder coating on any surface other than bare metal is never durable. By technical standards, metallic surface ratings have been fixed at SA 3 and SA 2.5 to be judged fit for powder coating.

Ways of Shot Blasting

Shot blasting essentially involves firing of minute particles under total control. This helps erode or etch away surface contamination that exists in the form of solids. Our expertise lies in the use of proper abrasives in terms of size, shape and metallic nature of a particular item. Shot blasting could be carried out in large dedicated rooms or even in specially built cabinets. Our blast room measures about 10 feet x 8 feet.Both manually operated and automated shot blasters are used for pre- treatment of metallic items

Blast Cabinet

This is a closed loop arrangement wherein an abrasive could be recycled after being used. Blast cabinet is an assembly of four separate functions, a cabinet, blasting system, abrasive particle recycling process and waste particle collection. The cabinet uses both dry and wet processes of blasting the dry process based on suction and the wet system based on injecting liquid abrasives. Wet process of blasting is used when there is possibility of damage to a metallic surface from the heat generated from friction in dry procedure.

Blast Room

The blast room could be considered a giant adaptation of a blast cabinet. A blast room contains all but the recycling facility of a blast cabinet. Recycling for a room is done manually with shovels and sweeps.

Abrasive Components Used in Blasting

Abrasives are a vital ingredient of shot blasting. Silica in form of sand is the commonest of the abrasives used in blasting. However silica being prone to conversion to dust results in health hazards for blast room operators. Commercial varieties of silica used for blasting is often coated with resins to control dust emission. Garnet is a more expensive though safer abrasive as it produces dust in limited quantities.

Steel shot, Aluminium Oxide, Sand, Walnut Shells and Glass Bead are also used as abrasives in blasting.

At KMA Shot Blasting we offer shot blasting as a pre-treatment service for powder coating. We put special emphasis on this pre-treatment process as it is the underlining factor for a perfect powder-coating job. As in all our services offered we never compromise in this service too. We are among the leading shot-blasting service providers in Poole and Bournemouth Dorset.


Powder Coating

At KMA Shot Blasting we offer all powder coating services. Powder coating is essentially a coating type applied in the form of free flowing powder particularly on metal surfaces. Powder coating is a substitute for paints without the usual solvent and filler parts. Powder coating is an electrostatic process where heat is applied for the free flow of powder through powder spray guns. This thermoplastic powder then forms a thin skin and gets applied on a surface.

Alloy Wheels Powder Coating

Metal powder coating was first introduced in United States in the 1950's and is now used in almost 15 percent of all surfacing jobs. Apart from automobile bodies, powder coating is extensively used in sports goods, and manufacturing industries. At KMA Shot Blasting we do motorbike powder coating, bicycle powder coating, and alloy wheels powder coating, Powder coating of metallic frames is also an important area of operation at our works this list is not exhaustive.

Process of Powder Coating

For getting the best motorbike powder coating, four-wheeler powder coating or bicycle powder coating work in Poole and Bournemouth, you could always rely on KMA Shot Blasting. The process of metal powder coating followed at KMA Shot Blasting is highly methodical and completed in three interlinked stages:

  • Pre-treatment or Part preparation
  • Application
  • Curing

All metal surfaces go through these three steps before it is thoroughly powder coated. Finally it is quality checked, wrapped for protection and delivery of the product.


This process involves removal of grease, oil, soil, welding scales, and metallic oxides that might be present on a metallic surface. Both mechanical and chemical processes are used for pre-treatment of metallic bodies. Mechanical processes include shot blasting, sand blasting and abrasive blasting. Chemical methods of pre-treatment include hand preparation. Pre- treatment not only cleans the metallic surface to be powder coated, but enhances bonding between powder and metal surface.


Use of electrostatic gun for spraying powder is the usual process of powder coating used at KMA Shot Blasting. The powder inside a spray gun develops a positive charge while the metallic surface to be powdered remains grounded. Compressed air sprayed at high speed helps formation of electrostatic charge between the powder particles and metal surface. The nozzle used for spraying depends on the shape of the surface to be powder coated. Thin substrates are coated and then stoved for 12 minutes. However, with thicker materials it is heated for longer periods prior to coating allowing the powder particles to melt and form a uniform thin film. On cooling this film becomes hard and durable.


Curing is a process wherein epoxy or polyester powder is exposed to melting temperature allowing it to flow and chemically react to form a polymer of higher weight. This curing process can be carried out at a specific temperature, the time span is dependent on the heat required to warm the substrate.

Powder Coating and its Advantages

Powder coating done at KMA Shot Blasting offers a durable coating to metallic surfaces and hence used in motorbike powder coating, bicycle powder coating, and powder coating all types of metal substrates. Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chemicals, moisture, impact and even ultra violet rays when using architectural grade powders as compared to liquid paint. Corrosion, scratches, and chipping may be also prevented to a greater extent. The finish of any surface that is powder coated is of uniform appearance when viewed from any angle. This may not the case with liquid spray painting.

KMA Shot Blasting uses the best architectural powders and electrostatic guns for giving perfect finish to your vehicle parts or any other metallic products.



KMA Shot Blasting as a complete service provider in metal fabrications use various types of welding for the different substrates being fabricated. Methods used in our Dorset workshops include Mig welding, Tig welding, spot welding, Arc/stick welding, Tig brazing, gas welding/brazing. These services being only a few of our integral activities.

Mig Welding

Mig welding being the most commonly used method of welding at KMA Shot Blasting. Ease of manufacture in mild steel fabrication a shielding inert gas is used to prevent air impurities from causing porosity in the weld whilst the wire fed gun produces a hot molten metal which can be weaved to produce a uniform weld.

Tig Weldings

Tig Welding being the second most commonly used method of welding at KMA Shot Blasting ideal for welding small mild steel components or stainless steel, and aluminium on a larger scale. Using either AC or DC electrical current the welding torch uses a tungston tip to generate enough heat to melt the rod to the substrate the molten metal can be layered to produce a uniform weld.

Tig Brazing

Using the same method as Tig welding, copper can be brazed to galvanise with the correct copper rod being applied. Commonly used on drain pans in the ventilation industry.

Arc/Stick Welding

Commonly used on medium to heavy steel structures, ideal for site work which we are fully insured for. Using an inverter powered by electricity to generate the heat required when striking an arc on the electrodes used the molten metal to steel structures, bars, and steel plates of various thicknesses.

Spot Welding

Commonly used on thin sheet metal the metal is squeezed between two copper tips electricity produces enough heat to melt the substrates together spot welding 3mm to 8mm diameter spot welds. At KMA Shot Blasting Sheet Metal shop this process is used on mild steel, stainless steel, zintec, and galvanised sheet metal on many product applications.

Gas Welding/Brazing

Gas Welding is the least used method of welding in our Dorset workshops a combination of oxygen and acetylene is used to produce a requisite heat to melt the metal pieces which require welding together.

Skilled Craftsmen

We have a team of experienced and professional welders with a wide variety of knowledge in all of the above types of welding. Welding is an art form and we can be as creative with a project as you the client requires meeting your needs. Our welders have a passion for artistry and creativity we can cut, bend, shape and mould metal to various shapes for welding, whilst also using the latest technology in plasma cutting and laser cutting through networking with other local companies to create the ultimate finished product to your satisfaction.